Novastar PSD100 to Cloud LED

The Novastar PSD100 system can be upgraded to the Cloud LED system. The complexity of this depends on if the PSD100 has a hub on it. If there is a hub on it, the PSD100 will need to be replaced with a MRV300 and then you will need a MSD300 and SBC. If it does not have a hub on it, it means it is running in sender mode, and you will only need a MSD300 and SBC.

PSD100 with Hub: SBC + MSD300 + 1 Hour Labor + MRV300
PSD100 without Hub: SBC + MSD300 + 1 Hour Labor

Parts you will need:
Ribbon Cables — When you are relocating cards inside of the sign the original ribbon length might not be enough.
Zip Tie Cutter — You’ll most likely need to cut some zip ties to make everything work.
Zip Ties
Ethernet Cables

Disposable Gloves

3mm T Handle (If your sign uses front service modules)
3mm Allen Key (In case one of the latches is broken and you need to remove from the back)

Locate PSD100 card inside of the sign. Is there a hub card on it? If there is a HUB card on it you will need to purchase an MRV300 card.

How many receiving cards are in each side? This is important for configuring the MSD300.

What is the total pixel matrix of each side? For example a 4′ x 8′ P10 screen should be 128×256.

Remove PSD100

When mounting the controllers it’s important that the bottom of the MSD300 and SBC are not in contact with metal, this will cause the board to instantly be destroyed.

, install MSD300.

Parts Needed:
HDMI to DVI Cable (C2 to MSD300 Video)
USB A to B (C2 to MSD300 Data)
C2 to DC (Power)
C2 to AC (Optional)